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DawnsDelights: Backing up your work

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Backing up your work

I was very lucky recently when my old laptop quit and hard drive was still working. However it could have been a different story completely. I do try to remember to back up my research on an External Hard drive. Honestly, I am like everyone else, forgetful. After hours of browsing, gathering, editing photos, scrapbooking, when I am done the computer is turned off. I had heard of companies such as Carbonite, and thought I should try it. Am working on the free trial right now and very relieved that there is a stable place for my research and photos. I wanted to share with everyone their newest promotion, it is 14 days free trial and then get 2 months free on the annual subscription. I am so satisfied with this program so far that I am adding their link to my page and have signed up to be an affiliate. I just can't support companies I don't believe in. And know the pain of losing all those precious memories.

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