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DawnsDelights: Organizing your research

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Organizing your research

First I sort everything by the family surnames into binder inside page protectors. 
Then I arrange all family documents into Location, it also helps break things down into a time line, using Ahnentafel numbering system.

The Ahnentafel is a list of all known ancestors of a specific individual. It charts use a strict numbering scheme to make it easy to see at a glance how they are related to the root individual.

Here are some photos I took tonight of my little system. Some are blurry, I will have to take better pictures when it's not so late at night and the little hands cant get curious.


sheet separators that are labeled by the name and generation link Ahnentafel numbering system.

I will look through more of my stuff to see if there are any other suggestions. My Grandma's cousin "Bubbles" Edna did most of the research on I am confirming with documentation, and linking photos with names. LOL one of my Grandma's Uncle Joseph Akin was quite the ladies man, he had 7 wives all together... Interesting when you are going through photos and try to figure out which wife is standing next to him. And my Grandma's  Grandmother, Mae Durbin out lived 7 husbands herself, so there is a lot of blended family names to be added. Her married name at death was not Durbin, so I needed to find out who she was her last husband. Through an obituary I was able to find that information. 

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