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DawnsDelights: July 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Build your own

I recently stumbled on these cute bracelets, watches, and necklaces that are made by Chunky Bling. You can design your own jewelry for yourself or a loved one. The prices aren't bad either for a personal designed piece of jewelry and a perfect gift for the upcoming holidays.

Beaded Watches

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Friday Blog Hop

Do you follow blogs hops? This one is going to be fun, come and follow along.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Add WOW to Scallop Squares!

This is a very interesting post, and beautiful artwork.
How to Add WOW to Scallop Squares!

Freebie from SVG

I love scrapbooking and seeing new design embellishments to add to my albums. There are SVG designs files that can be used with various paper cutters. Here is latest freebie, Road Trip, its a fitting die cut to scrap all those wonderful summer road trips we've taken this summer and past summers. They are also offering a $20.00 discount on their latest SCAL 3 program. So go over to their site and check out all the wonderful cute die cut files.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mill Fork Cemetery

When my Grandma passed I started listing her along with other ancestors on Find A Grave. I knew from her paperwork, where loved ones resting area's were and had made many a visits to the grave sites. I started off with her little Brother Raymond F. Durbin Jr., who died at a young age 10 months old in Sept 21, 1929 and her Grand Father Fredrick Augustus Durbin, who passed when she was only a couple months old in December 23, 1926. It was less than 100 years since their deaths and I had visited their sites several times. Unknown to me though was that those documents didn't get properly recorded, were lost and I had a lot of digging to verify their resting sites. This made me realize how easy it is for people to be forgotten and lost. That was when I started volunteering for Find a Grave, and other important Genealogical organizations.

This cemetery I pass by several times each year on US 6 between Spanish Fork and Helper Utah. It is in a remote area, on a very narrow road. This last winter I decided to look up the Cemetery see what it was all about. It looks deserted, but that is far from the case. And the history of Mill Fork was amazing. During 1875-1879 the Utah and Pleasant Valley Railroad who were formally known as the Denver and Rio Grande Western began builing through Spanish Fork Canyon. There were three sawmills built at Mill For to help with the construction of the railroad. A booming town was forming because of the progress. Large water tower and a small reservoir were constructed, a general store was built, population grew to 250.

Timber for the railroad wasn't the only driving force for Mill Fork who also had an large amount of Charcoal that helped keep the town thriving. Residents were working either with cutting wood for the railroad or with their Kilns. But as with everything that happens in the West, towns fade as fast as they were built. In 1890 the Store and Charcoal business both closed, most had left Mill Fork by 1900, only a few homesteaders had remained until 1930's. When trains advancing to Diesel Locomotives, the water stop was no longer needed. and Mill Fork Station was closed for good in 1947, and removed during the late 1950's. Nothing remains of the little town that formed a railroad in an area that is harsh to say the least but the Cemetery.

Many years later the Historical Society of Utah discovered Mill Fork and have worked very hard restoring and preserving the memories of those who worked hard to develop a railroad in a hostile weather environment.

One of the most important things I learned while searching for proof of my ancestors resting places was that photographs that were taken years ago help in many cases. It gives a location, a layout, surrounding markers help locate loved ones who may have lost their headstones or never had any markers outside the copper one placed at the time of the burial. This picture helped the Genealogist who transcribed the Cemetery that my Great Great Grandfather Fredrick Augustus Durbin had been buried. This photograph was taken in the early 1930s, I know this because Phillip Durbin, the other little brother of my Grandma wasn't born until May 1930. The photograph shows this to be the older part of the Cemetery. Records were still being kept by the Catholic Church and the Angel in the background was what helped locate the area, and confirmed his resting place. There was no marker and the exact place still hasn't been found. This is why photographs and records are so important.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Storing your Family Treasures

I have been very fortunate that my family has kept all the photos and different documents from our past relatives. My Grandma and her Aunt Lovella, who as 3 years older than my Grandma were the families record keepers. Our photos were kept in boxes in dark, dry closets which wasn't all that bad. I often wondered why these weren't on display. But actually their technique was what kept those memories safe from fading.

Great Aunt Lovella Akin and Ola Mae Durbin c. 1930's

To truly preserve your families precious moments locked in time, you have to keep them from bright light. Sitting in a closet does protect them, but I love sharing these beautiful photos with my kids. Some of the methods I have done is to scan many of them and share them digitally with family far away. This has given myself a copy of them and had the opportunity to share precious treasures with my family. You can scan these photos with just any scanner. I love my Kodak scanner, and have tried a Flip-pal, which is a portable scanner. Really hoping to receive that as a Christmas gift. then you can upload them into any software program you already have to edit if need be, I use Photoscape which is a free program.

Nancy Ola and Dora Coffee c. 1880's

You can add the digital copies to any photo printing company, I personally like Heritage Makers because you work with someone and they can help you scan it to the proper size, and you wont end up with a book full of fuzzy photos.

What I have done with the originals is use Archival Mist, you can get this at any hobby store, such as JoAnn's. Place them in an acid free scrapbook to help keep harmful light from fading them. Here is a video from youtube on how to use Archival Mist.

I'll post more on how to safely remove photos that were glued to scrapbooks pages and how to remove safely the photos from the scrapbooks of the 80's that used non archival acid free sticky glue. 

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Using the net for Genealogy

The internet has made the process of networking with distant relatives a great adventure without leaving the comforts of your home. Don't get me wrong exploring the places that your dear relatives lived their lives is fun. But time and money doesn't always afford those luxuries. So here comes the net, with millions of people connecting everyday. Recently I got a wonderful opportunity to visit a distant cousin in Las Vegas, while visiting the Titanic Exhibit.

The visit was wonderful, she is the niece of my grandfather whom I had never met. The visit was wonderful, it wasn't awkward as some would think. I kept things basic, as I would with any new stranger. Got to know her, hear about her family. Listening skills are very important when learning about a side of the family you never knew. I was lucky to have met and forged this new friendship. It was family through Facebook that lead me to this relative, but that isn't always the case. Sometimes you can meet family through sites such as and ProGenealogists. It's worth the time to learn more from those who are still around, you never know if that information the personal experiences will be available to share later. I learned much more about my Grandfather than I had ever known.


Family Tree Maker 2010

ProGenealogists, Inc.

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Christmas in July on QVC

Where has the year gone? It's only 5 months til Christmas and so many wait til the last minute to get those last minute special gifts for loved ones. Or the dreaded unexpected White Elephant gift for an office party. We all know these events happen every year, yet putting them off.

The reason for putting them off is because the Malls are crowded, prices high, people grumpy. That's not the spirit of the season. You can really enjoy the season by not only spending more quality time with friends and family, but SAVE money by buying gifts during July. Yes, every year there are many businesses that offer awesome deals in July, they call it Christmas in July. It will help you better save money, and avoid the dreaded rush for last minute gifts. Once you experience Christmas in July you will never forget the comfort and peaceful feeling of avoiding the overpriced shopping during the Holiday Season. is one of the many offering Christmas in July. This Sale is from July 23-July 25.

Shop the Christmas in July Event at! Special Event Prices on your Holiday Favorites! Offer ends July 25 at 11:59 PM EST

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Friday, July 22, 2011

DaisyTrails Giveaway!!!!

Digital Crafting Software from DaisyTrail

Competition ends soon – enter now to win an A3 printer and CraftArtist Platinum!

Time is running out to enter our amazing competition to win a copy of CraftArtist Platinum and a brand new Canon Pixma iX6550 A3 color printer! All you need to do is get scrapping – click the button for more information. Contest ends August 1, 2011 and winners announced on August 2, 2011.

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Monday, July 18, 2011


Many feel that Vegas is a place only for adults. Depends on what you are looking for in a vacation. For us and our little ones, we had a blast visiting the G rated parts of the strip. There is M&M World, where the M&M Nascar is on Display, and tons of chocolate for the kids.

There are other things kid friendly, the Ethel M Chocolate Factory(FREE), The Hoover Dam, The Lion and Dolphin habitat, Titanic Exhibit, The Sirens of Treasure Island (FREE), the 117,000 Aquarium at the Silverton, the Fall of Atlantis(FREE), the Volcano eruption at the Mirage(FREE), MGM's lion habitat(FREE), and Lake Mead if you love the water.


The scum walks a prior viewer is a false assumption. I hope many will look pass the stereotype of Vegas, casinos are a huge part, but not the only things in Vegas. And if you are a fan of Pawn Stars, drop by their shop. They most likely wont be there, but many of the things you have seen on the show and employees are there. Worth the visit...

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Road Trips

I  really love taking a vacation and just drive all the way there. You see so much more, and for me it is an inspiration for my crafts. Recently we drove all the way to Vegas, not for the Casino's, but for the shows- Sirens of Treasure Island, the Volcano at the Mirage, M&M World, Hoover Dam, and the main reason we went was to see the Titanic Artifact Exhibit. There just is so much outside to enjoy that we hardly went in. And the drive between Northwestern Arizona and Nevada was breath taking, with deep windy canyons. It is the second time I have been there, and it only got better. There still is so much we didn't even get a chance to see.

My family enjoyed all the sites we saw. Did the tour at the Hoover Dam, visited a huge fish tank at the Silverton Casino, where the OCC Pro Base Bike is on display. They enjoyed the chocolate at the M&M World exhibit, and the chocolate from the Ethal M Chocolate Factory.

But for me, my dream came true when I got the chance to see the Exhibit of the Titanic at the Luxor. There are so many artifacts that have been retrieved and carry a story of whom they belonged to. The perfume still has the strong fragrances that were once popular. Post Cards are still in readable condition, the Grand Stair Case built to scale, Coal from the Wreck, and the Big piece. The big Piece was brought up in 2001 after several failed attempts. It is small in size when compared to how large the ship was. It measures 25 ft by 15 ft and is 80 tons. It is scheduled to be at the Luxor til 2014.. Here is a photo of the second class dinner plate, we got 6 for our family.

We got the opportunity to also visit the Hoover Dam, take the power plant tour. It was fun to learn about the Dam, how it was developed, and how it got its name. Hoover had been the inspiration and supporter of the Dam, it was to help 7 states keep their water rights, help keep from flooding, and offer water for farming of food. It wasn't until 1947 that it was named the Hoover Dam, it was completed in 1935.

I am really going to enjoy scrapping this trip, and the kids really enjoyed themselves.

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