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DawnsDelights: September 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

October specials for Snapfish

Penny Prints Offer Code:ALLPRINTS100

Even though you can't put a price on genuine happiness, Shop our Gifts under $30 page! you can get your memories printed for an incredible price. Choose from over 100 photo card designs at Snapfish!.

Penny Print Sale: Exp: 10/05

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Royality Free photos

I stumbled upon since I have been designing my new design. has several wonderful quality Royality free stock photo's and more. iStockphoto is the original source for the user-generated, royality-free stock photos, illustrations, videos, audio and flash. No matter what you are looking for you can find it there. And to add to a wonderful program it is affordable, free to join.


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Wednesday, September 28, 2011 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes

Win Daily Prizes with 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes 

Starting October 1st, will celebrate its 15th Anniversary with 15 days of free databases and a sweepstakes giveaway with prizes awarded everyday!  The Sweepstakes Grand Prize will be a chance to go behind the scenes of an episode of Who Do You Think You Are, meet Executive Producer Lisa Kudrow,  the celebrity guest, and see how the show is made. PLUS, tons of prizes throughout the Anniversary!!!! 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes

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Extreme Couponing-Super Couponing

Jill Cataldo has been on several shows sharing her techniques for saving money during these tough times. Here is her newest videos,

With Super-Couponing, you'll learn...

Secrets of the couponing pros
The number one mistake most couponers make
What products you'll never have to pay for again
How to "stack" coupons for bigger savings
Why the Internet has made couponing easier
How to get the store to "pay you" to shop!

Want to save even more money?
With Super-Couponing 2, you'll learn...

  • How to “Think Like a Couponer”
  • Multi-Stacking: Combining multiple deals
  • The year-long grocery cycle
  • The best month to buy clothing
  • Not-to-be-missed seasonal bargains
  • Coupon tips for clearance & online shopping

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coupon Organizer, and saving money.

Mom's Build-It-Yourself Coupon Binder

The key to using coupons is not only cutting them, but matching them with sales and Organizating them. Coupons are everywhere, and it is FREE money from the Manufacture. However, if you don't use them right you will not be getting the best value for your time. Each Sunday Newspaper carries both coupons and Sales Flyers, you can review these coupons through before Sunday- through the Sunday Coupon Preview site. This site allows you see a sample of most of the coupons, which will vary from area to area. What is offered in New York, most likely wont be available in Salt Lake City. Sunday Coupon Preview will give you an idea what to expect.

Matching sale prices with the coupon will double your savings. I LOVE shopping Target here because they offer Target coupons, and you can stack them with regular coupons from the paper. Plus Target offers .05 per recycled bag used, and price matching. Here is their Coupon Policy, it is something to print out and carry with you when you visit Target. All stores have their own policies, I find Target to be most customer friendly. Here is a little video by We Use Coupons on how to maximize your next shopping trip.

Some wonderful places to find even more coupons that can be printed from your printer(and usually a limit of 2 per household). Redplum,, Cellfire, Pinching Your Pennies,  
and MomSaves Coupon Organizer_are great resources for finding coupons. I will post often when sales, coupons, and freebies are found.

Signup to get Access to $5.00-$10.00 in coupons plus Enjoy your favorite Kellogg brands for less with money-saving coupons. Get special offers and promotions. Be the first to know about new products and the latest innovations at Kellogg Receive the tastiest Kellogg recipe

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My Coupon Closet

Tomorrow night the 2nd season of the Controversial TLC series, Extreme Couponing. I admit, I am a fan :) I first started couponing with my Grandma when I was a little girl. She always carried WalGreens Coupons in her coin purse. She even collected those Green Stamps that filled up a booklet, the earliest loyalty rewards program.

She was always interested in saving money, growing up during the Depression-Grandma could squeeze a buck til it begged for mercy. Here are some really great products to help you get started on saving money, becoming a true Frugalista.

Introducing a new way to organize your coupons! The My Coupon Closet is the newest and easiest way to organize. It was created for the busy family who want to continue to coupon, but cannot find time to get it all done. It has everything you need -perfect for the beginner or the experienced couponer.

Right now for a limited time, you can get FREE shipping when you enter the code freeship11.
Your purchase will include:

60 white custom coupon files to organize your manufacturer coupons. These are manufactured just for coupon use.
5 green custom coupon files for your store coupons (All custom files are closed on three sides so you never have to worry about coupons slipping out.)
1 pair of scissors and 1 pen A separator to store all your supplies
A Plastic box with snap on lid to store your new files
A Free Bag to carry your new organizer.

I have been couponing for years, you can also follow me on where I am a moderator for Frugalistas.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

20% off Family Tree Maker

Get 20% off Family Tree Maker 2012 at ends in 2 days. It isn't to late to get this discount on the latest, improved software. You can still search for all the wonderful resources through as before.Features will include

TreeSync — lets you easily synchronize your tree in Family Tree Maker with an online tree.
Access and update your tree anywhere. Continue your research wherever you are whether it’s through your computer,, even your iPhone or iPad.

Easily share your tree with your family, and even work on it together. Your family and friends can view the online version of your tree without any software or a subscription. They just login with their name and email and they can always see the latest version of your tree, and can even work on adding to it if you’d like them to.

Collaborate with the largest, most active family history community in the world. You can keep your online tree private or make it public so that others researching your family can always find the latest version of your research. You may connect with others who have insight on your ancestors or even rare photos to share with you. And you may even find relatives you didn’t know you had.

Blended family view — shows combined families, including stepfamilies and adoptees at a glance.

Improved Smart Stories — give you new tools for adding and editing details.

Chart personalization — lets you personalize charts by adding text and displaying generation labels such as parents, grandparents and great–grandparents.

Index of individuals report — lists every individual in your tree, plus their birth, marriage and death dates.

Customized fact sentences — let you change wording and choose what data is included in sentences that Family Tree Maker generates for certain reports and Smart Stories.

Descendent charts between two people — make it easy to choose two individuals in your tree and create a descendant chart that shows their relationship.

Family Tree Maker 2012

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Daughters of Gip Akin

My Grandma was the Daughter of Ula Mae Akin Durbin and Raymond F. Durbin. The Akin sisters, Joy, Ula Mae, Ida Faith, Ora Lea, and Lovella had a special bond, the love of family. Aunt Lovella was only a few years older than my Grandma and was able to share so many stories with us of those memories with her sisters. My Aunt shared this photo with me, and it was perfect for this layout.

The Akin sisters were Gip and Nancy Ola Akin five daughters, and lived in Dawson, Texas; later Venus, New Mexico. Gip was an interesting gentleman from all that I have read on him. While Lovella was a young lady, Gip Akin had become a local Baptist Minister. In his early years he had been part of the Night Riders of Dawson Texas, and had written short stories. 

This is part of a story that was shared by Lovella Akin Moore, who first heard this from her father Gip Akin. I will have to transcribe the complete story at a later date.  

Gip came to Howard, Texas 1890 and lived there for 35 years. They worked on a the Slaughter Ranch, where he was a horse wrangler--he was 17 years old. He took care of 150 head of horses and lived with the wagon - it was home. Started out in the spring about the first of April--worked until Christmas. The Ranch covered 5 counties. The year 1897 branded 18,000 calves, stamped Lazy S on both sides--ear marked figure 7 under bit in each ear and worked for Slaughter 3 years. Then went to work for Barts Ranch - 200,000 acres. Headquarters where the city of Lamesa is now (worked there for 2 years). Then took up 4 sections of homestead Land. Post office called Chicago - got the mail two times a week from Big Springs. Built the house on what was called the home section, a little one room house facing the South. Part of this Land is in the city of Lamesa now, then went to Live 16 miles North of Big Springs.

Gip and his brother Mit Akin participated in the Texas Range Wars, and they fought against the Big Ranchers who didn't want them (the nesters) or homesteaders) in the area the outcome being many killings and burnings had occured. Gip & Mit Akin at this time earned the title "The Night Riders".

Here is Gip and Nancy in their later years, standing with my Grandma and her sister Pat Durbin. 

Created using software, promo code for $10.00 off is STMMMS36408

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lisa Louise Cooke author of Google Earth for Genealogists reviews Flip-pal

It's been a joy learning more about Researching Genealogy through Google Earth; the Kit of the Month that Family Tree University is still offering. Lisa Louise Cooke is the author and explains in detail how to better maximize your research through Google. She recently met with Flip-pal and reviewed the benefits of this portable scanner. You can take Flip-Pal absolutely everywhere. You won't have to worry about not getting copies due to size or shape of the documents. Nor will you need cords, just an SD card, batteries and on your way to preserving your research.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011 High Value Coupons

I wanted to share these, usually announce these when there are upcoming sales. So keep an eye on your flyers, you maybe able to get some of these for free.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Monday!!! Newest Coupons from

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Free Kindle Gooseberry Patch Ecookbook.

This freebie is through for the Gooseberry Patch Tailgating Cookbook. Perfect for all the upcoming football games, and Friday get togethers with friends. I have several of Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and this looks like it is going to be as great as their other books.

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Alexa rating

Review on

I am still new to all this blogging stuff, but I was told that Alexa ratings and reviews are very important in building your business. So please leave feedback on my Alexa rating, and if you need feedback, I can return the favor. I am a very small business owner so all the positive feedback helps.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Resale Clipart current specials

Resale clipart offers so many different clipart options for every season. These designs are cute and easy for everyone to use for scrapbooking, card making, all crafts. Here is their latest deal.

•3 CD Disk sale for $33.99 Pick whichever 3 CD's you want and have them mailed directly to you for $33.99
•15 Disk Sale get all 15 Disk mailed to your house for only $89.99 plus $6 shipping or download them directly for $89.99

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Organizing Yourself Online

There are so many different tips out there on how to organize your research. You can't keep it all online, external hard drives, CD's. And after awhile the photos, and copies of different documents will take over. Life can become a clutter for us genealogists. Some years back I came across this site, Organize Yourself Online. It broke down the steps on how to become more organized in all aspects of my life. Still working on it, but this allows you to focus on different areas, instead of trying to complete all at one time.

This site will help give you guidance to get get started. Give insights to where you can organize to be better productive. Bring you inspiration to better organize your space. Plus they will give you a report on 28 ways to stop procrastinating.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get 20% Off of Family Tree Maker 2012

Get 20% off Family Tree Maker 2012 at

There are 12 more days til the offical release of the newest software which will allow you to sync your trees with distant relatives. I am still waiting, not so patiently for my copy of FTM 2012. Am really excited to see the enhancements of the new software. This 20% offer ends in 12 days on September 28, 2011.

Family Tree Maker 2012

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cyndi's List

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

I talked about Cyndi's List the other day and how much I enjoy visiting her site. There is so much information on Genealogy on her site. Everything from researching old adoption records to state records. She has it all listed, ready to research or find where to access thse documents.

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More great coupons at

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JC Penny Savings Newsletter

When we first got married my husband and I got several great gifts that were bought at JC Penny. It's been 8 years and still get great gift there. I signed up for their newsletter and recieve the latest greatest sales. It is always wonderful to see something I know would be a great gift for loved ones is on sale. And JC Penny is a company that has a great reputation for quality and service.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Backing up your work

I was very lucky recently when my old laptop quit and hard drive was still working. However it could have been a different story completely. I do try to remember to back up my research on an External Hard drive. Honestly, I am like everyone else, forgetful. After hours of browsing, gathering, editing photos, scrapbooking, when I am done the computer is turned off. I had heard of companies such as Carbonite, and thought I should try it. Am working on the free trial right now and very relieved that there is a stable place for my research and photos. I wanted to share with everyone their newest promotion, it is 14 days free trial and then get 2 months free on the annual subscription. I am so satisfied with this program so far that I am adding their link to my page and have signed up to be an affiliate. I just can't support companies I don't believe in. And know the pain of losing all those precious memories.

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Family Tree University Kits

Kit of the Month

I have been a student and huge fan of Family Tree University for almost 2 years. This is where I have gotten the 101 Brick Walls, Google For Genealogists, Photo Rescue, and Cemetery research. There are so many kits, Expert Webinars, and books to explore in Family Tree University. I will look there before anywhere else first when I am looking for Genealogy Resources. They still have plenty of the Google for Genealogist packs available.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saving money, list today

Here are some coupons that were listed this morning on I have always enjoyed saving money. My Grandma always used coupons, and I learned a lot from her. My other job is a Moderator for Frugalistas on

$1.00 off on any Robitussin Product

BOGO Stim-U-Dent Thins

$.50 off five(5) Campbell's SpaghettieO's

$1.00 off (5) Weight Watchers Smart ones

$.40 off three (3) Campbell's Condensed Soups

$1.50 off any JOHNSONS Natural product

$1.00 off Scrubbing Bubbles One Step refill

$4.00 off Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl

$2.00 off on any Ester-C The Better Vitamin C

$.40 off 1 Fleischmann's Pizza Crust Yeast

$1.00 off Any 2 Graduates Puffs or lil crunchies

$.50 off 2 Yoplait Greek Yogurts

$.75 off 1 Kashi Frozen Entree or Pizza Product

$1.00 Off Pillsbury Sweet Moments Desserts

$.75 off Fiber One Cereal

$.40 off six Yoplait Yogurts products

$.50 off Cereal Treat Bars

$.40 off TWO Pillsbury or Grands Sweet Rolls

$1.00 off ONE Garnier Fructis Style

$5.00 off 1 Gallon of Benjamin Moore Paint

These are high value coupons from According to Sunday Coupon Review there will be 4 coupon flyers tomorrow I bet there will be some good sales to combine these coupons with.

I also want to share two books that have helped me a lot through the years on saving money, cutting costs on our grocery bill. Coupon mom and Krazy Coupon Lady. I added both their books to my Amazon Book link. They are packed with helpful resources that are time tested. They wont make you an Extreme Couponer, but will place more money back into your pocket.

The Coupon Mom's Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half: The Strategic Shopping Method Proven to Slash Food and Drugstore Costs

Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey: Save Big Money & Make the Grocery Aisle your Catwalk!

Playing around with My Memories Software

My Memories Suite 2.0 Digital Scrapbooking Software

Tonight I took out some time to play around and create a quick page from scratch of my boys playing in the water while we were on Vacation this summer. These little scrapbooks are quick, easy and perfect for me. Having 3 Preschoolers and a Teenager takes up a lot of my time. With mymemories, it is simple quick and affordable. Since many of the pages and kits are free. STMMMS36408 is the discount code to $10.00 off the software price.

Best Friends Pack

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Family Night Prize Pack Giveaway.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Using Google Books

This was part of the Google for Genealogists package that Family Tree University is offering this month. The instructors there are really helpful in finding ways to solve brick walls or other area's to search. This video is by Allison Stacey an Instructor at Family Tree University. Right now they are having a special on the Google for Genealogists package.

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Great Coupon Sites to visit.

Everyone loves to save money, even a few cents off of something can make a difference. There are many different places that you can get some nice savings. There are stores such as Target that allow .05 per reusable bags used. That is a generous amount returned for using your own bag. Target also sends you Target coupons that can be stacked with regular manufacture coupons and a little known fact is that Target also price matches. It has become my favorite place to shop the past few years because I save so much.

I also follow sites such as We Use Coupons, Pinching Your Pennies,, CellFire.

Cellfire you receive coupons via cell phone or internet for Smith's grocery stores.

We use Coupons was featured in TLC's Extreme Couponers last April. I had been following long before that. It is a great large resource for daily deals, and internet deals. They are a great site to get early specials before they are released to the public.

Pinching your Pennies, I have been with the longest. I REALLY enjoy this forum. Always very informative, great videos on how to properly use coupons. I spent all Thanksgiving Day with them getting the pre Black Friday deals, while everyone enjoyed the game, I got my hubby a new Blue Ray player and 3 new Blue Ray discs for 1/3 the price it was sold for the following day. And it was a plus that I never once left the house.

I found this News article on Pinching your Pennies. Very wonderful site, with tons of information to start saving today.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Snapfish and other Labor Day specials

Many of my favorite links are having some really great deals this weekend. A great time to get some of the holiday shopping done in advance.

Here are Snapfish deals for the Month

Free shipping on $25+ purchase Code:SEPFS25 9/1 - 9/30

5 Free Folded Cards Code:TRY5CARDS 9/1 - 9/30

Up to 67% off Code:BOOKS67 9/2-9/13

Penny Prints Offer Code:PENNY094U 9/02-9/13

Expires in 8 days

My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software code STMMMS36408 still valid for $10.00 of its Software,and an additional 15% off all kits this Labor Day Weekend.

For a limited time - Shop the Labor Day Clearance! Payments on all clearance items spread out over at least 4 months! Shop!

You can find more Labor Day Specials through We Use Coupons and Pinching your Pennies.

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